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Staycation Hotel Room Hk- An Experience Of Lifetime!

A staycation the figo involves opting for a vacation not far away but closer home. It could be a day, a week stay or for a few weeks as you wish.

A staycation involves residing and enjoying within the limits, in the boundaries escaping the hassles of flying always or travelling. Staycation hotel room hk is an experience of a lifetime, with its. Hongkong is a surreal place, an island city amidst nature.

A staycation in Hongkong is the perfect gateway from the hustle and bustle of mundane life. A place where the hip of urbane life meets the old-style.


Staycation hotel room hk provides a wide range of rooms, that meets your class and style.

Twin/Queen size room with two beds, furnished with essentials, a perfect place for your stay.

Magnolia suite defines luxury with unmatched comfort, a spacious living room connected to the bedroom, and with the essentials, ideal for an extended stay.

Premium suite for ones who desire the quintessential- something beyond the ordinary, detailed interiors; it certainly is a gem. A private room and living space embellished with furnishing and with basic amenities at your disposal.

The basic amenities include wifi, entertainment channels, coffee machine, in-room safety, pet-friendly, a gym, and lounge.


Antique Street and Cat Street are renowned for antique shops modest pottery, beautiful jewellery, classic ornaments, coins, and paintings.

The dried seafood street is a bustling street, where you can find rare seafood with traditional Chinese styles; a treat to sea-food lovers to devour into.

Hongkong Museum of Medical Sciences is another attraction, a renovated three-story building established way back in 1996, that details the interesting medical history of Hong Kong, from the worst plague epidemic to the devastating SARS outbreak.

An experience of a lifetime, beyond realms of time!