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What are the benefits of carpet cleaning?

The importance of cleaning and disinfecting carpets and what their benefits are:

  • According to experts, carpets accumulate multiple types of bacteria, since it is one of the decorative objects that the most dirt. In addition to bacteria, we can also find mites, fungi, dust, pollen remains, dead skin and even sand. And we must bear in mind that, if we have pets, the carpet may also have hair, moustaches, nails, feathers and any type of dirt that our pet may have stepped on in the street.
  • Another problem with rugs is that, just like carpets, due to their composition, they tend to absorb all kinds of odours, so that, over a long period, if they are not cleaned correctly, they generate unpleasant odours.
  • Although all this dirt does not present a significant risk to our health, if we want to keep a completely clean home we should wash our carpets more often or hire a commercial carpet cleaning near me in Richmond.
  • Normally, to clean carpets, the most used tool is the vacuum cleaner, but it is not always enough. Ideally, this method should be used for both daily and weekly cleaning, but at least twice a year it is advisable to hire a professional company to carry out an exhaustive cleaning and ensure that our carpet loses all these bacteria.
  • The ideal would be to clean the carpets daily with a vacuum cleaner. We must pay attention to its cleaning, since, if we do not do it correctly, it will be ineffective. We recommend vacuuming slowly and steadily, making sure that any visible residue is removed. It is also very important to leave carpet cleaning as the last step in cleaning our home since if we clean other places later, they could get dirty again.
  • Preventsthepresenceoffungiand mould aswealreadyknow,alotofdirtaccumulatesoncarpets.If,inaddition,weareinaplacewithalotofhumidity,itwill favour theformationoffungi.Therefore,athoroughcleaningwillavoidtheseproblems.
  • Helpsallergysufferers though itdoesnotseriouslyharmhealth,mitesanddustthataccumulateincarpetsareveryharmful to allergysufferers.Keepingyourrugscleanwillpreventallergyattacks.Itwillalsobebeneficialforpeoplewithasthma,asthedustcancauserespiratoryproblems.

Finally, we recommend doing this procedure at least once a week and two to three if we have pets.