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Kingdee- A Brief Guide On Cloud Procurement

Kingdee Intl Software Group Company Ltd or Kingdee took birth in 1993. It’s listed on the very Board of the HK Stock Exchange and is headquartered in none other than Shenzhen, the PRC. The firm is committed to assisting businesses to go on and achieve their target growth and let the sunrise on each firm through some of the dedicated services. This strives to give them the most trusted and advanced enterprise service platforms.

Through the persistent and continuous efforts to traverse China’s Cloud service market, Kingdee’s retained the largest part in an enterprise app software sector for a quick-growing enterprise for over 16 consecutive years and has seized the biggest share in the enterprise-grade SaaS Cloud service industry for 4 years.

Insights of Kingdee Business 

  • The traditional industries
  • The industrial value chain
  • The connection
  • The Heart-to-heart connection

Supply Chain Needs


Intelligent collaboration, Data Insight


Efficient and effective sharing in the network of supply chain


The digital service for the supply chain situations


Transformation of specialized supply chain

Kingdee Cloud Industry Solutions

The Base Metals

In order to achieve a precise time for delivery in the entire production, the effective reduction in inventory, more apt production data, alongside more flexible and efficient production processes, producing a substantial rise in the production capacity.

The Household

Target every subdivision of furnishings industry and household appliances, covering the complete supply chain in business operation, and get the in-depth details of management and operation processes.

Retail and Trading 

“Speed implementation, quick configuration, and rapid app development, fast results” go on to achieve a better scale via flexible handling, and fast delivery of diversified trading goods with complete visibility throughout the complete process.

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