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From the horse's mouth: what your massage therapist really thinks

From the horse’s mouth: what your massage therapist really thinks

From the horse’s mouth – what your massage therapist really thinks. We asked a professional massage therapist to tell us what they think about their clients. Here’s what they had to say:

Talk during their massage:

I think it’s great when clients feel comfortable enough to chat during their massage. It helps me get to know them better and understand what they’re looking for from their treatment. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the conversation going, but I really appreciate the effort.

Fall asleep during their massage:

It’s the biggest compliment a client can give me, when they fall asleep during their massage. It means they trust me enough to relax completely and let go. I always make sure to wake them up gently at the end of the session though. It means that they are relaxed and comfortable enough with me to fall asleep. It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve helped someone relax so much that they can fall asleep.

Clients who have specific requests:

When clients have specific requests, it shows that they’ve really thought about what they want from their massage. Whether it’s more or less pressure, focusing on certain areas, or a certain type of massage, it helps me to give them exactly what they need.

Clients who are new to massage:

I always enjoy working with clients who are new to massage. It’s so rewarding to see them relax and start to enjoy the experience. I always make sure to explain everything thoroughly and answer any questions they have. When looking for a massage therapy in Dallas, TX, I would recommend looking for someone who will tell you exactly what they are doing, is very professional, and has a nice and clean work area.

On clients who tip:

I really appreciate it when clients take the time to leave a tip. It’s a nice way to show your appreciation for the work that we do. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it’s always appreciated.


It’s the best feeling when a client refers their friends to me. It means they’re happy with my work and they trust me enough to recommend me to the people they care about. It’s the best form of advertising.