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Best Rechargable Nebulizer- Make it easier to handle your Child’s Asthma

When asthmatic Kids get a cold or other respiratory disease, symptoms like wheezing and inflammation may worsen quickly. This often means waking kids up in the middle of the night to administer drugs.

best portable nebulizer

Keep Flare-Ups Under Control

The problem is if you Do not grab an asthma flare-up when it first begins it can quickly lead to an emergency room visit. The trick is to maintain flare-ups in check. Many pediatricians prescribe a three-stage asthma management program that includes nebulizer treatments up to four times per day during illness. While it is hard enough dealing with an unexpected late-night episode, repeated nightly remedies get old quickly. When you have not had a great night is sleep in a while, the noise from compressor nebulizers often complicates an already tough situation. The fantastic news is portable nebulizers like the Omron Micro Air are creating conventional compressor nebulizers obsolete. These hand-held, battery operated units make it simpler and quicker to provide a late night breathing remedy to a fearful child.

Give Nebulizer Treatments While They Sleep

Imagine giving a best rechargable nebulizer treatment to your child while they sleep. The Omron Micro Air portable nebulizer is so quiet that it is actually possible to provide a treatment without waking up your child. This is so much better than waking a bad child up in the middle of the night and cranking up the compressor. Another terrific benefit? Because you may administer the medicine while your child sleeps they get more rest. This helps them recover faster and you may return to sleep that much quicker.

Travel More Confidently

Let his face it; many Parents of young children with asthma are scared to travel without a nebulizer. They do not need to take the chance that a late-night asthma flare-up may need a trip to an unknown emergency room. The fantastic news is portable nebulizers make it easy to travel anywhere. As they are hand held and battery operated, parents may administer drugs anywhere whenever it is needed. And, because you are able to give a treatment whenever it is needed, your child can take part in more activities and you can relax knowing they are safe.

Worth The Investment?

While portable Nebulizers can cost twice as much as a compressor unit, many parents believe that the benefits to their children and better peace of mind are worth the expense. Parents may often get reimbursed through FSA accounts or other insurance plans.